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Product Design Strategist, Trusted Partner and Leader.

I'm passionate about empowering design teams and partnering with stakeholders for a user-centered approach to product design. Working together to design delightful experiences with undeniable value.

In my personal life, I've been living and working in Columbus, Ohio in educational product design for fifteen years. My husband and I have two wonderful children. We spend a lot of our extra time as a family outside and in our great community. In my free time... I'll jump on a yoga mat, to a concert, or on the piano for some creative inspiration. 

Amanda Raupple

UX Design

I'm certified in UX design and experienced in leading teams in research, analysis and synthesis workshops, rapid prototype design, and user research iterations.


It's all communication! I'm a certified scrum master that leverages this methodology to stay connected, build collective knowledge, plan, and set intention to drive successful projects.


Looking for opportunities to build, learn and strengthen relationships with stakeholders and design teams.  Supporting teams with empathy and adding value with vision.


I'm committed to making a positive influence in people's lives with my career. I'm an active advocate for creating a culture that puts user needs and outcomes first. 

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